June 29, 2022

Attend this ASAE panel and hear Jane Oates, Von Ton-Quinlivan, and Ryan Craig, three of the foremost thought leaders on workforce and apprenticeships. All three are involved with Apprenticeship for America. A partial press release for Apprenticeships for America is below.



Workforce Policy Experts, Fortune 500 Employers, Leading Intermediaries Join National Effort to Expand Apprenticeships


Apprenticeships for America

May 12, 2022, 09:00 ET

Apprenticeships for America’s Advisory Council will bring decades of experience to bear on advancing policies and practices to scale registered apprenticeships nationwide

WASHINGTON, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Apprenticeships for America (AFA), a new nonprofit focused on expanding registered apprenticeship programs nationwide, today announced the formation of its Advisory Council, which will bring together the employers, intermediaries, policymakers, and researchers responsible for shaping America’s approach to work-based learning in the 21st century. The council will guide AFA’s ongoing effort to build a stronger and more robust registered apprenticeship system across the country through collaboration with employers, intermediaries, education providers, labor and other organizations.

“Despite a body of research indicating that apprenticeships can both help workers chart new pathways to economic mobility and address persistent talent shortages for employers, the model has struggled to gain momentum among U.S. businesses and policymakers,” said Advisory Council member Mary Alice McCarthy, PhD, Senior Director of the Center on Education & Labor at New America. “This is about elevating the evidence base for registered apprenticeships, understanding the important role played by intermediaries in organizing and helping to operate apprenticeship programs, and designing policies accordingly so apprenticeships can play a major role in the country’s economic recovery.”

Apprenticeships for America launched in spring 2022 to respond to the challenges facing a strained and overburdened U.S. labor market. Chaired by Urban Institute Fellow and noted apprenticeship researcher Dr. Robert I. Lerman, the organization is bringing together a broad range of stakeholders including former senior federal policymakers, nonprofit leaders, employers, and apprenticeship providers to explore the potential of work-based learning programs to both close persistent talent gaps and create new pathways to economic opportunity for early-career workers. AFA’s goal is to elevate American apprenticeship utilization to the level of countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, each of which has developed a much more mature infrastructure for such programs.

“Against a backdrop of persistent economic inequality laid bare by the pandemic, policy and business leaders alike are turning to new approaches that can build a more equitable, resilient economy,” said Noel Ginsburg, founder of the youth-apprenticeship nonprofit CareerWise and co-chair of U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh’s Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship. “Today’s 21st-century, knowledge-economy apprenticeship is a double-bottom line initiative. It creates more opportunity for more young people, and at the same time, enables companies to compete on the global stage by creating these new, innovative talent pipelines.”

AFA’s Advisory Council draws on decades of experience developing, implementing, and refining new approaches to education and training at the federal and state levels. It includes former senior officials from the U.S. Department of Labor, state workforce agency heads, and researchers, as well as employers and intermediary organizations with direct, practical experience implementing apprenticeship programs to support a new generation of workers.

Members of Apprenticeships for America’s Advisory Council include:

♦ Jane Oates, President, WorkingNation

♦ Van Ton-Quinlivan, CEO, Futuro Health

“Scaling apprenticeship programs nationwide will take a collaborative effort that brings together researchers, policymakers, intermediaries, and employers,” said Ryan Craig, managing director at Achieve Partners and member of the governing board of Apprenticeships for America. “The diverse perspectives and experiences of the Advisory Council will play an invaluable role in our ongoing work to build a better national apprenticeship system — and, in turn, a stronger U.S. economy.”

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