Cue Career is the only platform where students learn about careers by directly interacting with professional associations. Students can access webinars presented by professional associations and professional development opportunities such as mentorships and internships.

What is a Professional Association?

A professional association is an organization whose members belong to a particular profession (Architects could belong to The American Institute of Architects). Professional associations campaign for the interests of individuals engaged in that profession and the public interests of the profession.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide students with an easy and effective way to access information about careers and professional development opportunities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help close the skills gap and better prepare students for the workforce by providing them with a free platform.

Free for Students and Schools

Cue Career will always be free for students and schools. Our goal is to prepare Emerging Professionals for the workforce.

The Story

Our founders have had a variety of professional “lives” and know what people actually do in a career is different from what people think is done in that career. Unfortunately, most people only gain a deep understanding of the professions held by family and friends. Cue Career was designed to give all students a single access point where they can broaden their knowledge and understanding of ANY career they are interested in.

Giving Back

Our model is based on giving back. Currently, professionals give back to students, which we hope will lead to college students giving back to younger students. Since giving back is the foundation of our business we are a member of Pledge 1%. We have taken the pledge by donating 1% of our staff time, equity, and products to charitable causes in our community.