March 1, 2022

50% of students first job is Sales – out of the 4,000 collges in the USA only 100 even offer a Saels Class

Join El Camino College NFTE! and Cue Career for a free Sales workshop on Nov 9th 1pm PT – threre are currently 1-million open entry level sales jobs in the USA – Sign-up HERE


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Intro to Coding Concepts Prework Course – FREE
Link to the PreWork Course covering a ton of really amazing Intro to Coding Concepts:  
Code – cuecareer  – will unlock the course

    Online PreWork Course includes:

  • 100% Self Paced – – 6 Hours of Live Office Hours with a Tech Professional Per Week
  • Learn to Code using real code files instead of “play code files” on Code Pen
  • Support from a community of people that are also learning how to code
  • No Trolls and No Rabbit Wholes, Real People Helping Others
  • Advanced Concepts like Null Check and DOM manipulation
  • Created by an Education and Technical Professional (not a “curriculum writer” that has never worked in tech)

The class covers nine different primary concepts that are essential in web development: The Automated Tests, HTML, CSS & Developer Tools, HTML CSS with Bootstrap, JavaScript Fundamentals — Objects & Functions, JavaScript Functions & Control Flow, jQuery API, Event Handlers, Arrays, Templating

This blog details the coding concepts included in the class:


As a college student or recent grad launching launching your career, Micro-Internships provide a tremendous opportunity. Not only can you explore different career paths and work on interesting assignments, you can also demonstrate your abilities to potential employers while building your professional portfolio and network. Beyond that, your academic experience will improve as you apply what is taught in the classroom to the real world (and vice versa). Oh, did we forget to mention that you get paid for all of this?  For more information Click Here

Braven helps First-Gen Students

BRAVEN will be hosting a series of webinars for students to learn more about the changing economy, what it means for your job or internship search, and how to remain competitive in a tighter labor market. These webinars are open to all students at their partner universities: San José State University, Rutgers University-Newark, National Louis University, and Lehman College.  May 11th is Acing your online interview – May 13th is leveraging LinkedIN during social distancing.

Aliyah – Cue Career intern

Students discuss the importance of landing internships and how important it is to hustle and network: