Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute

Career Outlook

The U.S. concrete industry – a $100 billion industry that employs more than 600,000 people – uses cutting-edge technology to meet the needs of the developers, engineers, architects, city planners, departments of transportation and others who in turn work to meet environmental, community and safety requirements. Reinforcing steel, commonly known as “rebar,” is used in almost every structure and bridge in the USA. Reinforced concrete is used more innovatively than ever before, creating an urgent need for individuals that possess both focused technology skills and a broad education to move the industry forward. Industry niches and employers are varied and include detailers, placers, formwork erectors, construction managers, and much, much more.

Career Opportunities

Fork Truck Operator
Crane Operator
Office Administrator
Tech/ IT
Machine Development
Project Manager
Epoxy Coater
Inside Sales
Outside Sales
Core Development
Sustainability Manager
Environmental Manager
Environmental Specialist
Rolling Mill
Melt Shop
Contracts Manager
Purchaser/ Buyer
Credit Manager
Ironworker/ Rebar Placer
Union Business Agent
Truck Driver/ Operator
Epoxy Coating Quality Supervisor
Galvanizing Operator
Epoxy Powder Manufacturer/ Operator
Equipment Manufacturer/ Assembler
Formwork Manufacturer/ Assembler
Warehouser Coordinator
Software Develop/ Programmer

Brief Overview

Founded in 1924, the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) is a technical institute and an ANSI-accredited Standards Developing Organization (SDO) that stands as the authoritative resource for information related to steel reinforced concrete construction. Among the Nation’s oldest trade associations, CRSI authors many industry-trusted technical publications, standards documents, design aids, reference materials and educational opportunities to advance and standardize the reinforced concrete construction industry.
CRSI’s members represent over 80% of the U.S. manufacturers, fabricators and placers of steel reinforcing bar and related products with over 600 locations in 49 states, and with over 15,000 employees. Members produce, fabricate and install approximately 9 million ton of reinforcing steel per year using scrap steel in efficient manufacturing operations. It is estimated that the industry impacts over 75,000 people in steel transportation and placement in North America.

Our professional members (architects, engineers, contractors) are involved in the research, design, and construction of steel reinforced concrete.

CRSI also has a broad Region Manager network that supports both members and industry professionals and creates awareness among the design/construction community through outreach activities.

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    Typical Education

    There are many different roles in the steel reinforced concrete industry. Among typical business position such as accounting, sales, and customer support, many other positions require support and development through educational programs for students majoring in civil engineering, architecture, and other related disciplines at colleges, universities, and technical training schools. Additionally, apprenticeships and training programs for the trades and other specialized occupations often lead to long and rewarding careers in the field or shop.

    Educational Opportunities

    Rebar U offers a variety of courses and webinar presentations on Reinforced concrete design and construction topics designed to help you meet your unique learning goals. Webinar courses are eligible for continuing education units (CEU) and professional development hours (PDH). Learn new skills to advance your career. Browse our catalog to get started!