Georgia Apartment Association Foundation

Career Outlook

It is a growing industry that brings with it increased need for talented, creative and passionate individuals to lead and support it.

Careers Represented by Association

Project Management

Educational Opportunities

GAAF has streamlined operation efficiencies, which has allowed GAAF to expand its programs.

Areas of concentration include:

High Schools
GAAF will work with high schools that have related pathways to promote Residential Property Management. Examples include providing teaching materials, subject matter experts, and case studies. 

Career Academies
Within the Career Academy Network, GAAF will participate in career expos and guest lectures to provide advisory support, job shadowing opportunities, work-based learning, apprenticeships, and part-time employment.

Technical Colleges
Target areas include career academies and technical colleges in proximity to GAA chapter associations, including Chattahoochee Tech, Georgia Piedmont Tech, Athens Tech, Savannah Tech, and Columbus Tech.

Four Year Colleges and Universities
GAAF will support the University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Kennesaw State University by participating in teaching courses, providing guest lectures, hosting career fairs and special events.

Workforce Development Programs
GAAF will partner with workforce organizations to promote career opportunities and facilitate the Service Training Academy multiple times a year, to provide our industry with qualified maintenance technicians. This program is completely FREE for students to attend.

Brief Overview

The Georgia Apartment Association Foundation (GAAF) is a 501(c)(3) organization that promotes career opportunities within the apartment industry. GAAF was formed in 2004 by industry leaders that recognized the need for career promotion as well as an education platform that prepared individuals to enter the apartment industry. During that time, very little progress had been made on the national level to develop a formalized recruitment strategy or customized curriculum for managing multifamily communities. The apartment management profession was viewed as a job that one “fell into by chance.” Today our industry is recognized as a “career of choice” across the nation, primarily a result of over 14 years of hard work and dedication by Georgia’s most visionary leaders forging partnerships with Georgia’s educators.

GAAF Mission 

Educate – to create a platform for employers, students, educators, and other stakeholders to share opportunities and resources, while also promoting our mission to Georgia Apartment Association/Atlanta Apartment Association members.

Enhance – to enrich the current initiatives within our five pillars (K-12, Career Academies, Technical Colleges, Universities and Workforce Organizations), providing meaningful opportunities for students and employers to connect.

Evolve – to continue to adapt to the workforce needs of our members and market trends.

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    Typical Education

    The multifamily industry takes pride in valuing candidates from all different backgrounds and employment experience. Though each career path may have a specific education track, the willingness to learn is specifically what we are looking for!

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