Manufacturers’ Agents National Association

Career Outlook

Overall employment of manufacturing sales representatives is projected to grow 5 percent from 2018 to 2028, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Employment growth for sales representatives is expected to follow employment growth of the economy as a whole. Employment opportunities should be best in independent agencies, which operate on a fee basis and represent several manufacturers, instead of buying and holding the product they are selling.

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Brief Overview

MANA, the Manufacturers’ Agents National Association, helps manufacturers’ reps and manufacturers connect and create mutually profitable interdependent long-term relationships. MANA offers several ways for manufacturers’ reps and manufacturers to connect with each other. The RepFinder online directory provides a convenient way for manufacturers to narrow search results that match their needs. Reps use an online directory to search for companies to represent. Manufacturers and manufacturers’ reps advertise in Agency Sales magazine, their monthly publication. MANA supplies a number of reports, webinars, and teleforums to help manufacturers learn the effective way to partner with reps. They also provide a number of professional development resources for manufacturers’ reps to help them more effectively operate their businesses. MANA promotes the rep profession to manufacturers and offers business and legal counseling to members. MANA is a not-for-profit organization.. MANA manages AIM/R (Association of Independent Manufacturers’ Representatives) and PTRA (Power and Motion Technology Association).

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    Typical Education

    Educational requirements vary for sales representatives and depend on the type of products sold. If the products are not scientific or technical, a high school diploma is generally sufficient for entry into the occupation. If the products are scientific or technical, sales representatives typically need at least a bachelor’s degree.

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