Sports Field Management Association

Career Outlook

There is estimated to be between 300,000 and 750,000 sports fields in the United States, which makes up about 7 million maintained acres. With over 300 professional facilities, 3,500 colleges & universities, 7,800 parks and recreation districts, and 20,000+ school districts, jobs in the sports field management profession are abundant. Currently, job availability exceeds the number of qualified individuals.

Careers Represented

Sports field manager, golf course superintendent, lawn care and landscaping, sod farm, sports field or golf course design, construction and renovation, business owner, entrepreneur, project manager, sales manager, research, teaching, and more.
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Educational Opportunities

One of the ways SFMA seeks to advance professionalism in sports field management is through education and networking opportunities. Whether you are new to the profession, or seeking advanced training, SFMA provides an online course, scholarships, student competitions, career path information, and technical resources. Explore a few of the opportunities below:
Sports Field Management 101 – Online Certificate Course
Student Collegiate Challenge

Brief Overview

SFMA is the non-profit, professional association for men and women who manage sports fields worldwide. Since 1981, it has provided education, information and practical knowledge in the art and science of sports field management. More than 2,700 members across 32 local chapters oversee facilities at schools, colleges and universities, parks and recreational facilities, and professional sports stadiums. Sports include football, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, softball, rugby and horse racing.

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    Typical Education

    Individuals who enter the sports field management industry receive on the job training from fellow crew members and supervisors. Many who seek assistant and supervisory positions may be required to have some type of formal training for employment, which is available as certificate courses and two-year and four-year degree programs at community colleges, higher education institutions, and online.
    Once an individual achieves a combination of education and experience, they may be eligible to take the next step and become CSFM Certified through SFMA. Learn more here

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