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Career Outlook – Why Banking?

Employment of financial analysts and loan officers is projected to grow 11% through 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. The banking industry offers a variety of positions that appeal to a wide range of interests and personalities. Many RMA members start in one area, and find themselves growing into new aspects of banking as they progress through their career.

Careers Represented

RMA’s 18,000 associate members represent a wide array of banking professions. Relationship managers, credit/loan officers, risk managers, and financial analysts are just some of the careers our members hold that are available in the financial services industry.


Typical Education

Most positions in the banking industry require a bachelor’s degree. For some jobs, a higher level degree or certification is required. Although not required by most institutions, a business degree is the most common and a concentration in finance or accounting is a plus.

Real-world experience through internships at financial institutions can differentiate you as a strong candidate to potential employers. RMA provides internship opportunities on our Student Resource Center. Plus, RMA’s free student membership and scholarship opportunities can further strengthen your resume.

Brief Overview

The Risk Management Association (RMA) is a member-driven professional association whose sole purpose is to advance sound risk management principles in the financial services industry.

A FREE student membership with RMA offers insight into what banking is like in the real world. It provides the resources you need to differentiate yourself, and position yourself, as a strong candidate to potential employers in the financial services industry.

Visit our Student Resource Center for more information and to apply for your FREE membership.


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    Educational Opportunities

    You can earn RMA’s Credit Essentials Certificate and distinguish yourself from other candidates by validating your knowledge on commercial credit risk analysis topics.

    You can also earn RMA’s Operational Risk Management Fundamentals Certificate to demonstrate you have a solid knowledge of key principles in operational risk.




    The RMA Foundation Scholarship

    Apply for an RMA scholarship. RMA is pleased to offer scholarships to students who are interested in working in the banking industry after graduation. The RMA Foundation offers more than $200,000 a year in scholarships ranging from $2,000 to $8,000. For more information or to apply, visit

    Free Resources & Events

    Free student membership gives you access to RMA’s Banking 101 webinar series and online courses that help you learn about the industry and build a fundamental knowledge about banking.

    RMA’s 115 chapters throughout North America are organized communities that foster professional growth, educational opportunities, and peer networking at chapter events. Some chapters also provide mentorships.

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