Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Agriculture, food, and natural resources workers produce agricultural goods. This includes food, plants, animals, fabrics, wood, crops, and natural resources.

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

The agriculture cluster is very diverse; careers range from the farm to the laboratory to the corporate office. This industry includes farmers who cultivate the land, raise livestock, and grow plants; businesses that purchase, process, distribute, and transport farm products and farm supplies; and the organizations that supply services to the farmer and the consumer.

Other sectors include areas of natural resources and environmental services. People who work in these areas develop, maintain, and manage the natural environment. Among other things, they monitor air quality, test for harmful chemicals in water supplies, enforce state and national laws at parks and preserve lands, and dispose of harmful waste materials.

Workers in this area need to have a deep understanding and appreciation for the natural environment, they can be involved with business, research, or technical aspects of this field.


Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources Jobs

Agricultural Engineers
Agricultural Equipment Operators
Agricultural Graders and Sorters
Agricultural and Food Science Technicians
Animal Breeders
Animal Scientists
Biological Technicians
Buyers and Purchasing Agents of Farm Products
Clinical Research Coordinators
Commercial Fishers
Environmental Engineering Technicians
Environmental Engineers
Environmental Science Technicians
Lumber Fallers
Farm Animal Caretakers
Farm Equipment Mechanics
Farm Labor Contractors
Farmers and Ranchers
Farmworkers and Laborers
Food Scientists
Forest and Conservation Technicians
Forest and Conservation Workers
Garbage and Recyclable Material Collectors
Geological and Petroleum Technicians
Hazardous Materials Removal Workers
Hunters and Trappers
Log Graders and Scalers
Logging Equipment Operators
Natural Sciences Managers
Nonfarm Animal Caretakers
Pest Control Workers
Pesticide Handlers, Sprayers, and Applicators
Soil and Plant Scientists
Supervisors of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Workers
Tree Trimmers and Pruners
Water Resources Engineers
Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators
Zoologists and Wildlife Biologists